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Welcome to Dezhou Recinzioni Wire Fence Panel Inc.   
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    Welcome to order wire fence& fence panel Products
    Recinzioni is a wire fence and wire fence panel specialized factory with some 30 years history. Wire fence is generally composed of wire mesh, barbed steel wire, fence gate and various fencing posts. Recinzioni fence is inspected before going to our customers and basic parameters checked include weft wire pieces, panel width, warp wire distance and steel wire diameter applied. Basic tests include: Tensile strength test for wire mesh and barbed steel wire; elasticity test of wire mesh fabrics; fence materials test. Purpose of the tests is to inspect if the manufacturing quality of wire mesh fences meets the technical demands.
    decorative wire fence welded wire fence Welded Fence Panels Security Fence Panels
    Made with decorative
    designs …
    Welded wire mesh as fence fabrics… Popular economic fence
    panels …

    Palisade type, chain link

    Wire Fence product
    Our Major Styles
    Recinzioni produces 17 series of wire fence product, widely used in decoration, poultry farming, roads, schools, railways, security, factories, parks, and other fields.
    decorative wire fence
    welded wire fence
    chicken wire fence
    Wire Garden Fence
    Fence panel product
    Our Major Styles
    Recinzioni produces 13 types fence panels and the applications are widespread in highway project, pet and domestic animal raising, municipal engineering.
    Welded Fence Panels
    Security Fence Panels
    Galvanized Fence Panel
    Garden Fence Panels

    Recinzioni passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system, from raw material selection, product packaging to warehousing, all under careful attention and supervision.

    Once our customers determine the order, our decision-making system will react immediately to guarantee timely delivery.
    Recinzioni after-sales service includes on-site installation, maintenance, technical guidance, training, etc.
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    Company sales performance to a new level -[2015-12-10 ] Gal Steel Vinyl PVC Coated Chain Link Fence -[2015- 12-10]
    Dezhou Recinzioni Wire Fence Panel Inc.
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